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Marine Mammal Commission Meeting

The Marine Mammal Commission holds an annual meeting and held their 2004 meeting in Kona, Hawai’i and human interactions with spinner dolphins in Hawai’i were a major topic of discussion.  A few specific events acted as catalysts for the concern for Hawaiian spinner dolphins. In particular, this meeting of the Marine Mammal Commission held in Kona in 2004 led to an increase in spinner dolphin research especially research focused on interactions between humans and spinner dolphins. This meeting and the information that started to appear in the Federal Register stimulated the increased attention and concern for these species and we can see this concern in the topics of published research and the creation of the SAPPHIRE Project.

This letter, from the Marine Mammal Commission to the Protected Resource Division in the National Marine Fisheries Service sums up the involvement of the Marine Mammal Commission in the action being taken today to protect Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

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